CTRL-kit enables you to integrate neural control into XR, productivity, robotics, and clinical research applications.

CTRL-kit helps you achieve uncharted degrees of interactive freedom by tapping directly into your nervous system to decode individual neurons.


  • Wireless, non-invasive electromyography (EMG) technology
  • Multimodal biosensing
    • Comfortable skin-contact sensors decode individual neuron signals
    • Inertial measurements compensate for external forces


  • Hand pose reconstruction
    • API exposes the position and motions of each finger and joint, ready for 3D applications
    • No cameras, no line-of-sight problems
    • Built-in recognition and classification for common gestures
  • Force & tension modeling
    • Measure pinch and grasp forces
    • Detect muscle tension, with or without motion
  • Unity & JavaScript SDKs integrate with existing XR/web applications
  • Intention Capture engine decodes biological neurons
  • Access to EMG data

Learn more about CTRL-kit from CEO Thomas Reardon’s talk at the 2018 Slush Conference in Helsinki.

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