Welcome to neural control

Learn more about CTRL-kit from CEO Thomas Reardon’s Keynote Video at the O’Reilly AI Conference in NYC




  • Hand pose reconstruction
    • API exposes the position and motions of each finger and joint, ready for 3D applications
    • No cameras, no line-of-sight problems
    • Built-in recognition and classification for common gestures
  • Force and Tension Modeling
    • Measure pinch and grasp forces
    • Detect muscle tension, with or without motion
  • Integration with VR and AR applications
    • Easy primitives for building Unity apps
    • Integrates with positioning systems for room-scale VR
  • Raw EMG Dashboard
    • View electromyographic waveforms, straight from your neuromotor system
  • Single Neuron Detection
    • Analyze spike events from individual motor neurons

Intention Capture Engine

  • Powerful Neural Networks
    • Decode the hidden language of neurons using neuron-inspired technology
    • Generalized models work across a broad range of users without training
  • Adaptive Control
    • Find the right customized neural control scheme for every interaction, fast.
    • Easily develop applications that train the user – and are trained by the user – in real time.


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